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A tradition of upholstery craftsmanship.

We combine the talent of local Australian designers with our experience of product development and manufacturing. Swiss Design are makers of designed production & custom furniture for today’s discerning clients.

An Australian company who draws on years of manufacturing experience to foster local Australian design in creative collaboration. We are engaged to research & develop a design concept, make it ready for specific markets, and at times, establish the appropriate distribution channels. Swiss Design also manufactures select collections

Swiss Design are passionate about the upholstery trade and making furniture pieces with consideration for customisation, time, and using environmentally sustainable practices, to a level of quality few can replicate.

Swiss Design was started by Markus Pluss, a master upholsterer from Switzerland in 1976, specialising in custom residential furniture as well as boutique commercial fit-outs.

After completing his apprenticeship in 1998, Markus’s protege Darren McKinnon went on to further train in Switzerland for two premier residential furniture manufacturers. In 2003 Darren became Markus’ business partner and then sole owner after Markus’ retirement in 2007.

Today Swiss Design specialises in custom, commercial, and high end residential furniture, CAD, and manufacturing techniques using modern CNC machinery while still continuing in the tradition of quality craftsmanship.

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