An archipelago of harmonious fluid forms

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    Bayou, a slow moving stream or body of water, created as a casual ‘work-soft’ meeting system with highly configurable elements designed by Frag Woodall. As its name suggests this collection of furniture pieces come together creating a relaxed and contemplative environment of seating, tables, ottomans and screens.

    Evoking collaboration with a focus on comfortable communication. Bayou creates moments for working, gathering, and relaxation in graphic dynamic formats. With variable lengths and gentle angles Bayou defines a space as an Archipelago of harmonious fluid forms.

    Effortless smooth lines and a texturally rich material palette describe this collection.


    System elements include both short and long segments and 120° angled modules. Metal features are powder coated with a warm textured tone. A suggestion of privacy and seclusion is further defined by the soft diffused screening, that is freestanding. This modular system balances with harmonious juxtaposition, coffee tables, side tables and planters as they work alongside casual sofas creating areas for waiting, resting and meeting.



    Frag Woodall is an industrial design graduate of The University of Technology Sydney. His design studio Mr.Fräg focuses on interiors and products such as furniture lighting and home-wares. The central ideas within his design philosophy are to allow the products to have functional honesty, material integrity and a sense of poetry, wit or humor which communicates and connects to people on a human level.

    But these are all individual elements that contribute to the design, it is storytelling that is the true artful activity that glues and binds together all the other elements. It is these ideals that I try to peruse and when they are present I feel that a design has more relatability and clarity.